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Standard for high voltage wiring harness and connector for electric vehicles

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In July 6, 2016 by the automobile standard research Chinese Automotive Technology Research Center hosted on electric vehicle standards for high voltage harness and connector seminar in Sichuan successfully concluded, from across the country more than 60 business representatives and industry related scholars on the status of national standard and the future development direction of China's new energy automobile high voltage wire harness and connector are discussed. Ke Wen shares as a new energy connector standard drafting unit, was invited to participate in this seminar. To establish a connector with independent intellectual property rights of the standard system, the seminar to regulate the whole industry development as the theme, focus on the production and development of scientific and standardized production, establish the standard security system, guiding enterprises to carry out in-depth analysis, to establish a universal standard for high voltage wire harness and connector of electric vehicle in China, which entered the market size application, put forward positive suggestions.

Ke Wen shares is a professional manufacturer of ultra precision automotive wiring harness products and tooling suppliers. R & D and production since committed to the new energy automotive wiring harness products, through long-term experiments, has established deep cooperation with a number of new energy automobile production enterprises, and provide solutions for the synchronous development of new energy vehicles in a variety of products to be listed, make a contribution to the overall popularity of new energy vehicles China.

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